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Why Electrostatic Disinfection Is Crucial

Reasons Electrostatic Disinfection Is Important?  

After recent worldwide pandemic events, ask yourself; are we doing everything we can do to ensure our work environment is consistently Clean/Sanitized and Safe for all who frequent the facility? If the answer is NO, Please read on.  Even if you answered Yes you still may want to read what we have to offer!

Electrostatic disinfection technology is the future of cleaning—It is becoming widely used in the cleaning industry since the pandemic has hit not only our country but the entire world! This has given cleaning techs ammunition, and the ability to disinfect complex three-dimensional surfaces in a fraction of the time required by conventional cleaning methods–resulting in the superior overall coverage of surfaces using disinfectants approved by the EPA. These are surfaces recommended by the CDC to be properly cleaned and sanitized consistently-Doorknobs, Push plates, Workstations, Desks, Shared spaces, Congregate spaces, Phones, Pcs, Keyboard and Mice, and any other shared office equipment or appliance. 

Again, we use only chemicals that are safe, effective, and approved. The EPA has released List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. This is a list of primary EPA chemical registrations that have been deemed effective against “Emerging Pathogens”, or those viruses harder to kill.

Implement An Infectious Response Plan!

Because sanitation and mitigation are so critical to the daily operations of the workplace now, any business that employs a workforce in an office environment should have an infectious response plan in place. When a facility is compromised in any way with any infectious virus, we are available to be part of that plan, so you’re equipped to take immediate action. 

Electrostatic Disinfection: Keeping It Clean & Sanitized

Implement an Electrostatic sanitizing schedule-Stop the invisible killer. Start a continuing Electrostatic sanitizing maintenance program. This can also help eliminate costly long-term closings which can be devastating. Electrostatic application of disinfectants, done properly, can help slow the spread of contagious illnesses, improve health, and reduce absenteeism. Let your employees know you have a plan in place for keeping your facility clean and sanitized to make them feel more comfortable coming to work, and you are doing your part in creating a safer environment for ALL.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about our Electrostatic Sanitizing and Disinfecting services, visit our Disinfecting Services Page for FAQ and more!

Electrostatic Disinfection Video

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