The 5 most important questions to ask when hiring a cleaning company

If your cleaning company can’t back up or answer any of these 5 questions, call us!

Question 1: “Do you perform employee background checks? 

Seems obvious, right? Well, be sure you ask. Not all cleaning companies will perform this critical task.

Question 2: “Do you provide cleaning inspections after services are performed?”

This is something most cleaning companies aren’t going to want to hear, or answer. Why? Because they simply don’t do it.

Question 3: “Do you use safe and effective cleaning products?”

Many cleaning companies claim to be environmentally conscious, but will use unsafe products. This is especially critical for medical facilities and restaurants.

Question 4: “Is your company fully insured?”

An obvious credential? It isn’t. Many companies can offer lower rates because they are not fully insured. Be sure to ask!

Question 5: “Can you address ALL my cleaning needs?”

Be specific about your cleaning needs and provide them with a scope of work – this will ensure all your cleaning needs are met.

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