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Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Learn about our Electrostatic Disinfecting & Sanitizing Process

We understand that this unprecedented time has affected our clients as well as numerous other businesses. We use the highest grade of disinfectants and sanitizers applied with electrostatic sprayers.

Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Now more than ever the “Cleaning” of HealthCare facilities, effectively is extremely critical. While cleaning is common in nearly all industry sectors and homes, it is particularly important in healthcare, which require intensive frequent cleanings and use a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting products. It also has become a risk to the workers who provide these services. So, knowing your Cleaning Techs are using the proper techniques, as well as taking the proper precautions while performing crucial tasks is important. When dealing with healthcare facilities, “clean” also implies the need for Disinfecting, Sterilizing, and Decontaminating. You are often dealing with more than just soil removal - you are removing soil that can be highly contaminated.  


We are also armed with Electrostatic sprayers that allow cleaning techs to sanitize high touch areas completely and efficiently. This process is known to be the best and quickest way to disinfect and sanitize crucial areas of the healthcare setting.

Medical Buildings are often a combination of numerous areas and they all require different levels of cleaning


The cleaning programs developed must reflect this, while also acknowledging certain areas of a medical facility will likely require more attention and cleaning frequencies than others.

Complete disinfection and sterilization

Safe and Effective chemicals

Documented Inspections insuring that cleaning is at a higher standard

We offer: 1x Decontamination cleanings for COVID-!9 and other viruses such as MERSA and Flu.

Office Cleaning

Operating Room Cleaning

Patient Care Areas

Lounges, Labs, & More!

Comm-Clean, Inc. offers a complete range of high-quality cleaning services tailored to meet customer’s needs. We serve Office and Facility Managers, accommodating ALL businesses large and small.

Quality Control Program

We take pride in the quality of our work and customer service. Comm-Clean, Inc. is proactive and we follow-up on each and every issue, continually implementing changes to our service when we feel it will improve the overall quality of our service.

Comm-Clean, Inc. insures the quality and detail of our services through:

  • Continuous spot inspections
  • Addressing issues immediately
  • Employee report cards
  • Quarterly customer reports
  • Customer feedback
Worker providing quality control inspection on clipboard

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