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Precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and workers

As the pandemic continues, we continue to get new information from the CDC on the safest, best practices to use in preventing the spread or cross contamination of Covid-19,  which we are constantly communicating to staff as well as our clients. Our goal is keeping our employees safe while servicing various types of facilities daily. In addition, we want our clients to know we take the correct precautions when we come into their facility that protects them as well.

It’s our duty as business owners and managers to provide resources and a work environment that stresses personal hygiene such as no touch hand soap, no touch trash receptacles and hand sanitizing dispensers, and to use products with at least 60% alcohol in the disinfectants and sanitizers. All facilities should post handwashing signs in all restrooms. This is not a time to let our guard down as there is still much to learn about Sars-CoV-2 the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Here is an example of letting your guard down during this pandemic-Be alert and “keep your mask on” when entering/using public restrooms. The person before you may have entered, removed their mask, cough, sneezed and touched every possible surface before replacing their mask, and leaving, all while not knowing they could be spreading the virus. Then you walk in remove your mask, breath in the virus/germs the previous individual left behind. And the spread begins…

Here are a few tips that may be obvious to some, but feel we should state:

  • Wear masks in all public areas
  • Keep 6 ft away from coworkers and clients
  • Use hand sanitizers constantly
  • Wash hands thoroughly and often
  • Stay home if not feeling well

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